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PT Henkos Jaya TEhnik
Establish since 2013

…To Be Trusted, Professional & Reliable Company

Henkos Jaya Tehnik are private company establish since 2013 located in Bekasi, Indonesia. 

At beginning as a services provider for automotive industry such as blower repair, blower balancing, equipment modification and equipment cleaning. Now we develop our business to provide solution in the field of measurement, control and automation.

Supported by innovative product range and expertise from Jumo, as a distributor in Indonesia, we could meet customer requirements with high standard of product quality and services.

Our Vision

We offer professional services focused on trust and customer satisfaction. Our experienced team is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships and delivering outstanding results. Trustworthy, reliable, and dependable – choose us for a proven track record of success.

Our company’s mission is to provide high-quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction. We educate ourselves on industry trends and implement effective techniques while maintaining honesty, integrity, and transparency in every transaction. We prioritize building enduring relationships with our clients and exceeding expectations to make a positive impact on their lives.
our history

The company was established through a significant step, involving the organization of resources, determination of long-term goals, and formation of internal structures. This step marks the beginning of the company’s journey in innovation, growth, and contribution to the market and society.


An agreement has been reached between our company and JUMO, appointing our company as the official distributor of JUMO in Indonesia. In this significant agreement, our company will be responsible for distributing JUMO products in the Indonesian region. This collaboration expands and enhances the availability of JUMO products to customers in Indonesia. Leveraging our extensive network and expertise in the Indonesian market, we aim to effectively reach and serve customers. This agreement not only reflects our commitment to improving customer access to JUMO products but also demonstrates our confidence in our company’s ability to promote, distribute, and provide support for JUMO products in Indonesia, ultimately driving mutual growth and success.


With bold steps, our company has finally entered a new phase in our business journey by relocating our headquarters to our own office building. This move not only reflects a physical transformation, but also signifies the growth and progress we have achieved thus far, enabling us to provide better service to our customers in the future.


Supmea collaborates with our company to market Supmea products in Indonesia. This partnership leverages our company’s expertise in marketing and the established network that we have built to successfully penetrate the Indonesian market. Together with Supmea, our company faces various challenges in the Indonesian market, employing effective marketing strategies. As a result, various products have succeeded in their marketing efforts, leading to significant customer growth. This collaboration showcases the strength in achieving success together.


Our company has become a partner of GO Systemelektronik in Indonesia. This opportunity marks an important step in solidifying our commitment to providing the best solutions and services in the field of Liquid Analysis Instrumentation. We are excited to collaborate with GO Systemelektronik and expand our footprint in the Indonesian industrial market. With our experience and knowledge, we believe that this partnership will bring significant benefits to both parties and bring technological innovation to our customers.


Henkos Jaya Tehnik ended their partnership with JUMO due to differing strategies and business principles.

Our company has entered an exciting new phase in our business journey by signing a significant agreement with Anderson-Negele as an official distributor in Indonesia. This step will not only expand our market reach but also to provide the best hygienic instrumentation solutions and services for processors of food, beverages and biopharma product

Our company has established a strategic partnership with KEM Küppers to market the TRICOR brand’s Coriolis Mass Flowmeter. This partnership is aimed at delivering innovation and precision to our industrial customers. Through this collaboration, we provide top-notch services as well as efficient and accurate solutions for various industrial applications that require instruments from the TRICOR brand. This endeavor reflects our strong commitment to elevating industry standards and paving the way towards a future full of potential.


Embarking on an extraordinary journey, our company joyfully celebrates a decade of achievements, resilience, and growth. As we commemorate 10 years of success, we remain committed to our shared vision, continuously propelling ourselves forward. Together, we persistently surpass new boundaries, embrace challenges as opportunities, and weave our collective efforts into the fabric of our future accomplishments.

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