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  • JUMO

    JUMO GmbH & Co. KG is a leading global supplier of components and systems for individual sensor and automation solutions. In addition to components for the measuring ranges temperature, liquid analysis, pressure, level, flow, and humidity the focus is also on automation challenges such as recording and monitoring as well as control and automation JUMO
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  • GO Systemelektronik

    GO Systemelektronik offers on-line monitoring solutions for a wide range of applications. The modular and scalable properties of the BlueBox system allow an optimal adaptation of our products to the different requirements of the respective areas. We have focused on the measurement and recording of parameters in water. So if it is about measurement, analysis
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  • BlueTrace – Oil in Water Sensor

    The BlueTrace – Oil in Water Sensor is a compact fluorescence probe for the measurement of BTEX and refined oil in water. The robust design of the BlueTrace Sensor allows for applications in harsh conditions, such as corrosive media or at high pressure.     Technical data Measuring principle: fluorescence Light source: < 300 nm

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  • BlueMon – Total Nitrogen & Total Phosphorus

    Fully automatic on-line analyser for measuring concentrations of mediums in fluids according to wet-chemical methods. The photometer total nitrogen & total phosphorus version of the BlueMon system comprises of the following equipment: analyser unit and control and measurement electronics in a powder-coated cabinet.     Technical data BlueMon Total Nitrogen & Total Phosphorus Method: photometric

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  • BlueScan Plus – UV/Vis Spectrometer

    The BlueScan Plus UV/Vis Spectrometer is capable of simultaneously detecting multiple parameters. The utilization of chemometric methods allows for the measurement and comprehensive analysis of a multitude of water properties, contained suspended solids, as well as dissolved substances. To achieve this, the evaluation encompasses the entire absorption spectrum ranging from the UV until the near-infrared

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  • ISA – UV/Vis Spectrometer System

    The innovative Intelligent Spectral Analyser (ISA) is a compact UV/VIS spectrometer that allows the simultaneous acquisition of a multitude of parameters with only one sensor. In addition to classic water quality parameters, this optical sensor allows the simultaneous analysis of a multitude of other ingredients and water properties by means of chemometric methods. The system

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  • Control & Monitoring

    However different the production processes in various industries may be, one thing they all have in common is that process variables such as temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, and level often need to be controlled with the highest levels of accuracy. You will be sure to find the right controller for your application in the JUMO

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  • Flow

    Flow sensors are required in a range of sectors and applications. With the PINOS L01, JUMO presents an electronic variant with especially quick reaction times. The PINOS L01 is intended for use in water and watery mediums. It can be used, for example, to check cooling circuits, compressors, pumps, and heat exchangers. However, the new

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  • Recording

    Today, recording throughout the process is an essential part of many production processes. For on-site documentation, JUMO offers you a reliable paperless process data recording with the paperless recorder family JUMO LOGOSCREEN. In paperless recording all devices stand out due to their easy retrieval and fast evaluation of the recorded data – due to integrated

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